Seer’s Notes

Delphi came to mind immediately. The image of eye in the palms of my hands. The steps of stone raising sharply and turning to the left. The flat stone surface at the top were once a large collections of buildings must have stood. There was a woman in a red dress – gauzy and flow in the wind, black hair and pale white skin.

Then there was a sunset on a body of water that looked much like the Mediterranean Sea. A king in yellow/gold – the color of the sun – with a tall comb-like helmet.

Then back at the steps. A sword fall across the palms of my hands and cut out the eyes with which I saw – the eyes in my palms.

This is where the call ended and by that time I was so upset that I could barely start to speak the vision. There was blood everywhere – gushing from my palms. There was pain. I was just fixed on the red – the color as much as the fact that it was blood. I was finally able to start speaking and regained the vision by backing up and recounting what had transpired thus far. By the time I had spoke this much the blood was gone but my eyes had not returned. (more…)

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