I have been working on research notes rather obsessively for ten days now, I have to draw the line somewhere. Connections keep appearing. Leads are abundant. But I cannot possibly follow them all. I think that this process has raised some interesting questions and provided some things to consider, whether those things be answers or not. (more…)

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Research Notes – Google Randomness

The first results of a Google search on Syria, 1673 produce a city named Albaida (elev. 1673 ft.). According to the map below it would be approx. 20 miles from Tartus.

Albaida (Arabic: البيضة) is a small village in Syria. It is located 95 km Southeast of the port city of Latakia, 2 km south of Masyaf (Arabic: مصياف), and 210 km north of Damascus. It is part of the Hama Governorate (Muhafazat Hama).

The village is notable for numerous water springs such as Ayen Tallah which provided the village with pure water for many years. (more…)

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