Scribe’s Notes

Start 9:51

Peristera – has all points
Doitheos – operator

Star Ruby & Call starts 9:53 pm.

I am trying to move forward but my palms are bleeding. They are cut – my palms, on the steps – it was a solider -they cut my palms to put out my eyes.

I am trying to draw out of that part so I can move on –
Before that there was a woman in a guazy red dress she was at the top of the steps & it was blowing in the wind. I think she had long black hair & pale skin. The steps were the ruins of Delphi there was a sunset over the Mediterranean – you can’t see the Mediterranean from Delphi. After the sunset or as I watched the sunset there was a king in the not yellow of gold but blend ?? had a comb that was sticking up in the center or back but I only saw briefly before sunset slowly the ruin rebuilt & I could see what they were but the ?? swords crossed & I could not see anything because there was blood – all (but)! its gone no now I haven’t gotten my eyes back the woman did not come back the image is still ruins (long pause) (more…)

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