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Sigillum Dei Aemeth

The first step in preparation was the creation of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, the Seal of the Truth of God. John Dee was instructed in making this Sigil to use in his scrying sessions with Edward Kelly. The sigil, however, predates Dee, having first appeared in an earlier grimoire; it was later expanded upon by Athanasius Kircher. Probably the oldest known description and image of the Sigillum Dei is the 14th (or 13th) Century Liber iuratus (also Liber sacratusLiber sacer sive iuratus, or Sworn Booke), attributed to Honorius, son of Euclid.

The Sigil begins with an outer ring of 40 sections in which the Seven Names of God can be found if followed in the prescribed combination. Next is a heptagon, the outer spaces filled with the sigils of the next order of angels and the inner spaces with their names. The next layer, made of spaces beneath the bars of the outer heptagon, is the Seven Names of the Planetary Angels. This is followed by the Daughters of Light placed within the interlocking lines of the heptagram. The Sons of the Light are filled into the interlocking lines of the heptagram. Beneath the interlocking bars come the Daughters of the Daughters of the Light and within the bars of the inner heptagon, the Sons of Sons of the Light. around the pentagram in the very center lie the seven names of the planetary angels.

Carving this out on a 9″ circle of beeswax was a painstaking task but accomplished in only two attempts. Admittedly, the pentagram could have been better and the names around it cannot be read at all, though the were written out as precisely as possible.

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