Visions and magickal workings of Tau Peristera de Magdalene.

Tau Peristera de Magdalene is a practitioner of the Land-Hand Path, a sex magician, a Luciferian, and a student of the Mysteries since 1985, she has held many offices and been known as many things during those 20+ years; however, she primarily considers herself, simply, a Magician and a Sorceress. She was a member of the OTO for 13 years and a local body master for 4 years, as well as, an ordained deacon and practicing priestess within the EGC (now resigned from both groups). Currently, she serves as an ordained High Priestess of Magick and, on 4/30/2005, she was consecrated a Gnostic Bishop in the Doinel line by Heosphoros Iacchus and the lines of succession held by Tau Michael Bertiaux by way of Tau Ishaviva and later co-consecrated in the same lines, among others, by Tau Allen Greenfield. Recent studies include herbalism, tantra, tarot, ceremonial ritual, yoga, energy work and healing, gnostic vodou, the points-chaud initiatory system, blood magick, psychic and sanguine vampirism, egregores, and general experimental magick.

Peristera holds a dual BA in Psychology and Religion with special emphasis on witchcraft, paganism, ritual, and cross-cultural studies, a MS in Mind-Body Medicine, and a PhD in Humanistic, Existential, Transpersonal Psychology. 

She currently serves as a professor of Dark Arts, Dean Ceremonial Magick, and Dean of Curriculum at the Grey School of Wizardry.

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