I have been working on research notes rather obsessively for ten days now, I have to draw the line somewhere. Connections keep appearing. Leads are abundant. But I cannot possibly follow them all. I think that this process has raised some interesting questions and provided some things to consider, whether those things be answers or not.

First are questions about the work itself:

To what end? Is the point to simply define the place? Or is it to confirm the connection between the point and the parts of earth? Is there some information to be obtained from the vision beyond this?

When Dee gave the name of the parts of earth exactly what was meant? Was it a general area? Is it a specific place within a general area? Is it a specific place within a specific time? For example, “Syria” has covered varying regions at different points in history and at the time of Dee’s work it was lost in the vast rule of the Ottoman Empire. So it begs the question – what/where is Syria?

A second set of questions arise concerning my own filters:

Did I name Delphi in my vision because it was Delphi or did I name it because I saw the surroundings and it struck me as being Delphi – since I have physically been in Delphi and would have no other frame of reference for the architecture? Was there a connection between the part of earth I was skrying for and Delphi or did I interject this? Did Dee get it wrong? Why did I call out for Delphina when I knew damn well the names of the Delphi oracle?

In all of the research notes I have amassed the most relevant to me is the news story about the family hiding in the caves under the ruins at Baalbek as the Israeli bombers flew overhead. It contains so many of the elements of the vision in one very vivid description: the olive grove, the stone path, the steps, the ruins, the huge bird (a plane), the devouring of the land (the bombs). Baalbek is both the site of an oracle and a temple dedicated to a sun-god (the sun yellow/god figure). And furthermore, the article is dated August 14, 2006, seven days after the discovery of Comet McNaught – which eventually became visible worldwide and was bright enough to be seen in the daytime. While this article ties it all together in a much neater package, I feel that all of the research notes come back to Baalbek (also known to the Greeks as Heliopolis). There are also endless comparisons made in the literature between Baalbek and Delphi, citing everything from the massive stone foundations and general architecture, to the sacred relics, the methods and history of the oracles, and the close associations with the sun-god (Apollo, Jupiter, Baal, and/or Helios). The region’s history also ties the two locations to one another through the various power struggles and changes in governance.

I am fairly sure that Baalbek is the place to which I was being led. Now, this is not to say I was there and mistook it for Delphi, though that is possible I suppose. In the vision I had this very odd impression that I could not properly communicate that was something like looking West and seeing East. There was also the impression of being in several places and several times all at once and yet remaining in a fixed place – a place that was sometimes there and sometimes not. i have no better words for this. One suggestion that I have, and granted this is in light of research and retrospection, is that I was remote viewing Baalbek from Delphi. Given that I felt the strong connection between the lineage of oracles and that the ‘we’ in the oracle’s speech was referring specifically to that lineage, this would make some sense. Kings of Syria did consult the oracle at Delphi and persons of power from both Rome and Greece consulted the oracle of Baalbek – there would undoubtedly be a remote link. And there is still volumes of history yet to be shifted through, but that is for someone else at some other time. I think the afore mention questions need to be answered before digging any deeper.

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