Scribe’s Notes

Start 9:51

Peristera – has all points
Doitheos – operator

Star Ruby & Call starts 9:53 pm.

I am trying to move forward but my palms are bleeding. They are cut – my palms, on the steps – it was a solider -they cut my palms to put out my eyes.

I am trying to draw out of that part so I can move on –
Before that there was a woman in a guazy red dress she was at the top of the steps & it was blowing in the wind. I think she had long black hair & pale skin. The steps were the ruins of Delphi there was a sunset over the Mediterranean – you can’t see the Mediterranean from Delphi. After the sunset or as I watched the sunset there was a king in the not yellow of gold but blend ?? had a comb that was sticking up in the center or back but I only saw briefly before sunset slowly the ruin rebuilt & I could see what they were but the ?? swords crossed & I could not see anything because there was blood – all (but)! its gone no now I haven’t gotten my eyes back the woman did not come back the image is still ruins (long pause)

10:17 pm
There is a shooting star – no a comet it moved slowly, sky is night there is a large comet with a long tail so bright it blocks out most stars behind it I can see Orion. There are numbers 1 6 7 6 3 7 6 they keep changing order only four digits – at first I thought 1673 but they keep changing. There is a grove of olive trees but when I thought of them there is a darkness – or they were withering away or were devoured.

I see all this from a single point, most time can’t tell what point & I realize most of the time I am on the steps then sometimes they are ruins sometimes what they were sometimes a point but what I see can’t be seen from here but because I am not allowed here but neither is she which is why she keeps going away. We are no longer welcome but the place still welcomes it is something in its past that does not. There is a long black bird flying over. Large enough to be a vulture but does not look like one.

There is a rock path to the left that goes down the mountain. It is covered over the best time could do there is little earth so it is still very visible (long pause)

10:26 pm
The kings are fools & they cast us out but we will forever live here or so they think but we will never ever leave here this is our home our temple visible or not & they shall never reclaim this place.

Woman in red contact for only a minute then she was gone again. The sun is risen & the comet is gone & I cannot see the stars there are mountains behind & the valleys go on forever. Very little vegatation & little grows there are rocks you can smell the sea & the sun is so very hot & the breeze is cool.

I won’t be able to contact her again & the rest is just scenery that is all

10:31 pm

Note: She says she has pains in her hands her wrists & her forearms.

Part of Earth – Syria.

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